Smart casual, in other words informal elegance, is a brilliant invention. It allows one to feel more comfortable at least for a moment than in a rigid business suit and at the same time to maintain one’s class. All collections of ROY brand were created by searching for the best solutions which combine comfort and the latest trends. For twenty years we have been designing clothes for active men of professional success, who know that in order to live a full life there must be a place for family, free time and passions.

Our designers create designs in which weekend comfort goes hand in hand with casual chic. We assume that fashion has no age. Our ambition is to create clothes for all men who are able to enjoy life in style.


All the clothes are made from natural fabrics of the highest quality. They are refined using processes such us: Garment Wash, Enzyme Wash and Stone Wash. Thanks to this they are soft and have the right look, they retain their color and size for a long time, and  guarantee pleasure when worn. We care very much that the materials come from reputable European suppliers who use ecological production techniques. The  methods of dyeing clothes used (Sandy, Sandy Duo) have a neutral impact on the environment and they require little water and energy consumption.

We take care of making clothes with above-average care. Sophisticated linking of the linings, expressive trimmings, precise finish – these are the proper identification marks of the brand.